All Eyes on the Air

Engineering the transition to a low-carbon economy includes minimizing the impact of legacy energy systems and industrial processes.

Life is Better Clean

Behind the summer pool party and in every well-managed train and airport terminal, you’ll find a universal element engineered to keep us safe.

We do Geothermal

When you bring communities light and heat using the warmth of the earth itself, you are doing something truly special.

Power to Production

Our world relies on heavy industry, and that industry needs reliable power.

We deliver on-site solutions that make use of the most readily available resources.

“Our clients trust us to support their work and their communities with creative solutions to shared global challenges.

This means that every relationship and every project gives us the opportunity to answer our most pressing question:

What approach delivers the best impact for all?

-Luca Menini, President & CEO

We’re proud to serve a global community of forward-thinking clients

The Covid Effect

Learn how next-gen infrastructure projects, education system transformation, decarbonization, and digital revolution must become top priorities to avoid and sustain future challenges.

Come work with us.

We support our people at every step. 

Sintecnica doesn’t just talk about being “community-driven”: we live it.

If you’re looking to work with a company that builds itself around people, take a look at our openings.


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