Realizing our Potential

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our search to create a better world.

For everyone.

Welcome, we are Sintecnica.

Sintecnica is a global engineering solutions company based in the 6 Italian cities of Milan, Novara, Cecina, Pisa, Livorno, and Genova.

Our name has its roots in Latin and Greek and communicates “togetherness of skills.”

We are devoted to realizing the well-being of our people and their families, the success of our clients, and our potential for creating positive impact everywhere we are given the opportunity to work.

Our Formula for Success

We support the success of our clients by creating value-added engineering solutions at a reasonable price and delivering them in a safe and timely manner.

This approach demands we maintain a company culture in which the development of our people and the refinement of their capabilities are the primary indicators of our success.

Climate Impact Leadership

Engineering firms hold key difference-making positions as the world looks for climate change solutions.

At Sintecnica, we provide leading consultancy in one of the world’s most interesting renewable sectors: geothermal. Not only are we one of the world’s Top 5 facilitators of geothermal energy plants, we are also constantly seeking to build on an increasingly exciting portfolio of photovoltaic, wind and biomass energy projects.

As an ISO 14001 certified corporation, we are keenly aware of our organizational impact and are dedicated to reducing our footprint.

In every project, we seek the balance between quality, efficiency, safety, and innovation—because that’s where true positive impact grows.

“Our dedication to minimal impact and positive outcomes means our clients can engage with us, knowing that our relationship is always producing value-added outcomes—no matter what sector we’re working in.”

-Duccio Montemaggi, Manager, BU Engineering

Our Approach and Value

Values-driven Approach

Our clients, our partners, and the communities we serve rely on Sintecnica to provide engineering solutions that are always delivered according to our Core Values:

”Sapienza” is the Italian word that encompasses “experience,” “wisdom,” “knowledge,” and “know-how.” It is a holistic term, one that reminds us that it is not enough to have accomplished a task in the past—at every opportunity, we must integrate all our potential to understand our client’s problem and devise the best solution.

“Premura” is often associated with the joy and dedication of a mother for her new-born. It means that the duty is understood and gladly accepted. We approach our clients’ projects with Premura, because we know that our clients think of them this way, too.

There are many ways to be precise with a project. Time. Materials. Specifications. Selected staff. Budget. We have made a decision as a company that our work will demonstrate world-class precision in preparation and delivery. Our clients and partners can be assured that all work trusted to Sintecnica will be treated with exceptional attention to detail.

When Sintecnica talks about “Care,” we mean the social and environmental impacts of the projects we have the privilege to work on. As a community-driven engineering company, our ultimate goal is to ensure that wherever we leave our mark, we leave the world a better place.

“Affiancare” literally means “to be by another’s side”—but it also conveys the idea that “your problem is my problem, and your issue is my issue.” Sintecnica engages with its clients with the goal to serve, but also to advise when a proposed solution might not be the most beneficial, or when it might entail risks that are better avoided.

We are always working in our client’s best interest.

Value Streams

Our clients expect excellence, and we ensure they have it through the natural value streams we have built within the company:

Through our experience — the right solution type

Through our organizational capacity — timely design and delivery

Through our technical capacity — the smoothest project implementation

Through our network-oriented community mindset — safety first, minimal impact, and project value

End-to-end solutions

With offices in six cities, working experience on every continent, engineering expertise covering nearly every major discipline, and an active network of partners and suppliers, we’re prepared to answer any job.

Like our clients, we understand that the more consolidated and comprehensive the solution, the more minimized the risks. That’s why we are, first and foremost, an advisor to our clients, helping them pick the straightest path from A to B and calling on our partners and suppliers to support delivery, when needed.

We consider client satisfaction a must-have, not a desirable outcome. And that means our solutions are packaged at a fair cost and respectful of our client’s timetables, while also demonstrating a reasonable basis for believing in the project’s effectiveness as a means to build trust and community. This means we value the client’s legacy over the monetary value of the project, the sustainability of future operations rather than the short-term business case. 

In short, it means we select the solution that is best for the client, in every way possible.

We also understand that achieving our client’s satisfaction means being an active and friendly member of the entire project team. We are dedicated to engaging with all parties across all levels, respectfully challenging solutions that can be improved, identifying potential bottlenecks—either material, skill-based or time-wise—and engaging in constant, value-added communication with the client at every opportunity.

Whether we are starting with the business case and feasibility study, or pushing through to construction and operations, we endeavor to give our clients more coverage and care, more safety and assurance, and more value than they expect, at every touch point.

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