Buildings are the “front end” of our communities. They provide the spaces in which we carry out one of our most basic needs:

Real. Human. Interaction.


As a community-driven company, we love buildings. We love designing buildings, we love the feeling of owning a building, we love the building of buildings and we love operating buildings.

But most of all, we love that every building we touch touches everyone who uses it. That’s why we focus on making buildings that are beautiful, usable, adaptable, and—eventually—removable.

This mindset helps us maintain an approach that ensures our buildings exhibit “whole life value.” They are built to compliment an environment, not to take advantage.

Communities love buildings. Here we work, we grow, we learn, we heal. . .we live. And although each of these requires a different setting, the ultimate test of a building is whether it increases the quality of human life. That’s why in everything we do, but in particular when we do buildings, we seek the balance between quality, efficiency, safety, and innovation—because that’s where true positive impact grows.

As a multidisciplinary engineering company, we can deliver buildings, in part or in whole, across any sector and in any environment. We offer our clients access to world-class expertise and experience that ensure a quality job that reflects the building’s relationship to its surrounding environment. Wherever you need us to work, we will integrate our work seamlessly with the building’s requirements, providing added value in every circumstance.


Our clients know that we are always ready to serve. Achieving maximum building value can start at any stage in the lifecycle, from preliminary drawings to late-life operational changes. We have the expertise to provide answers to financial, social, and environmental questions after every stage, which gives our clients assurance that their building leaves their community with a legacy of value.

Whether our clients are realizing individual buildings, wider communities, or even city-based solutions, we focus on three areas of excellence to improve building performance: enhanced value through cost-effective design, improved environmental impact, and flexible logistics to provide options for healthier use by end users.

It is our mission to continue helping clients take advantage of new opportunities in the rapidly evolving world of sustainability, integrating policy and our own unique experience to provide technological and financial sustainability solution consulting.

Primary and Higher Education

As we grow, we learn to focus on what is important. We are able to work with public administrations, financial bodies, development and construction firms, and operators to provide new and better educational facilities for the youth in our communities.

Our educational experience starts with the basics: ensuring that schools are safe places to work and learn. From seismic excellence in the foundations to cutting-edge fire and safety designs, we ensure our clients’ educational facilities are secure.

We have the expertise to design complete facilities, drawing on best practices in energy efficiency and structural solutions to accelerate construction and provide room for modular growth. Our deep experience in working with sustainability policy and regulations also ensures that we can meet or exceed stakeholder demands, providing solutions that become centerpieces of community pride and development.

Residential and Hotels

We can assist clients with the specific design challenges involved in residential and hotel facilities, ensuring comfort, safety and usability for tenants, tranquility in the surrounding community, while also maximizing the clients’ needs to generate a return on investment.

Our clients rely on our multidisciplinary expertise to address the entire lifecycle of buildings, and residential and short-, extended-stay facilities are no exception. We understand that the intensive commercial nature of these properties requires solutions specifically tailored to reach their target markets.

We are also keenly aware that our clients’ development plans and construction schedules be achieved with little to no variation, as these projects must begin generating revenue by a certain date. Our project management teams are able to integrate seamlessly with the client’s project team to ensure timelines come in at or under expectations, and costs are tightly controlled.

Sports, Conferences and Concerts

There are few things that tie our communities together better than event venues. From the largest stadiums in the biggest cities, to the playhouses brought to life by artisans and local schools groups, enjoying a stage together brings out the best in us.

Our building consultancy can work across public and private sectors to help create everything, from special purpose sites to multi-sport complexes, and dedicated music venues to conference centers.

Building off a strong track record in steel buildings and noise and vibrational response, our technical teams can help our clients ensure their structures provide maximum user enjoyment and visibility while maintain strict safety standards. We can devise solutions which maximize lighting efficiency and automate management of heavy power loads, water use and waste disposal.

We also understand that sustainability and public health concerns are also of primary importance for owners and operators, and we can provide the analysis and expertise to identify options for reducing both environmental impact through life cycle costing analysis and logistical research to provide optimal layouts for anti-contagion design.

Steel Buildings

Steel is the ideal material for modular building design, and our clients understand its use in energy efficient and environmentally friendly projects.

Using steel, we are able to identify and design components that are impossible with traditional building materials, regardless of whether the project is commercial, residential, or industrial.

Our clients rely on our experience in steel buildings and our expertise in metals and metallurgy to select the right type of steel for their project. We are also able to combine steel weights and supports to create custom solutions that fit any project need.

In addition to their versatility, the rise of pre-engineered steel buildings is adding value to development and operational lifecycles because the buildings are simple to construct, provide open floor plans, and are generally more cost-effective that other materials. In such cases, our clients still rely on our steel building advisory teams to ensure the structures safety, particularly regarding wind and drift requirements, in addition to supplying the Engineer of Record.


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