City Life

With more power to leverage societal change to combat climate change than any other human environment, we’re investing in cities at every opportunity.

City Life

Cities are the communities that drive innovation and our economies. They are big, beautiful expressions of humanity, and they are home to more than half the world’s population.

We are aware though that, without the right expertise, partnerships and planning, current city growth rates will have a negative effect on our quality of life, impede our ability to reach already marginalized members of our community, and create long-lasting impacts on the environment and our climate.

The ideal city provides for every human need. They are the stage where we live our lives, where we create, innovate, work, learn, give, play, care and allow our unique and diverse cultural heritages to intermingle and give new life and meaning to our existence.

But these outcomes are not given—there are today and there have been for millennia intricate systems and infrastructures that allow us to live in community. It is our continual duty, then, to refine, recalibrate and improve each system, rethinking their connections and specialities, towards the goal of an optimized, synergetic whole that advances the wellbeing of the human and the natural world and creates new values for everyone to enjoy.

We can work across public and private sectors on any number of infrastructure and built environment project to improve the life of our cities by:

  • coordinating the planning, financing, and designing of new city-wide infrastructure, as well as infrastructure improvements and overhauls
  • creating “whole-life cycle” development packages, including engineering, cost analysis, and project management for project delivery or program management
  • providing environmental and social impact consultancy to ensure infrastructure projects and programs maintain exhibit unquestionable regulatory compliance

‘Truly’ smart cities
One of the most misunderstood and obscured terms of our time is the “smart city.” Often the smart city is associated with leveraging technology to facilitate consumer behavior, creating a logistical paradise where the city serves the interest of the individual consumer.

We know that a truly smart city is one that leverages ‘smart’ tech and data to improve city operations, particularly regarding basic services—such as waste and energy management, safe and accessible schools, and affordable healthcare and housing—services otherwise carry a costly pricetag, not only for the city and its tax-paying citizens, but also often for the environment. In other words, a truly smart city is one that provides improved outcomes for every citizen, and not just according to their ability to consume.

We can work with municipalities and public and private partners to identify, develop, and implement smart technology and leverage citizen and city-based data to achieve specific cost-savings and efficiencies for social services and social and environmental impacts

Built Environment

As city populations swell and growth-related problems arise, city leaders are increasingly searching to balance the benefits of development with the rising costs and impact of wider and heavier infrastructure.

To aid in solving these problems, we offer governing bodies our experience in energy, water, and wastewater management, as well as water resources and logistical analysis, to develop timely solutions to growth and performance challenges in the built environment.

In particular, we are able to create solutions that are both sustainable and verifiably achievable. We can benchmark your progress against cities facing similar infrastructure challenges, while also providing from our own experience unique, multidisciplinary solutions across the most difficult problem areas.

When working with us, cities can expect end-to-end engineering and environmental answers that meet the unique circumstance and vision of each community. We are able to model, design and manage the construction and operational aspects of projects and programs, from initial concepts to performance optimisation.


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