There is a common truth to every community we touch—they are built on, surrounded by, and dependent on natural ecosystems.

And we’re working to make sure it stays that way.



We believe that the words “engineering” and “environment” should be deeply—and positively—connected. No matter what type of project we’re working on, the effect on the surrounding community and environment is a primary concern.

We want to build a legacy that proves engineering companies should be measured, not by their annual revenue or the size and complexity of the projects and programs they manage, but by the extent to which they consider, mitigate, and reduce the impact their solutions have on the world.

And the ultimate goal should be “Positive Impact Projects Only.”


Environmental EPCM

We can offer clients a systematic approach to project lifecycles that ensure environmental concerns remain a top priority in every stage. Planning, design, permitting, operation and management cycles need controls that assess and mitigate impact risks, while also identifying opportunities for environment and ecosystem improvements.

A key part of our impact control initiatives includes engaging local communities and stakeholders to ensure our impact assessments are fully informed by local knowledge and sentiment. This bottom-up approach ensures our experts have comprehensive understanding of the risk profile of every project in addition to regulatory concerns.

Environmental management

Environmental policies and reporting are key to any sustainable project. We can help our clients manage their risk profiles, creating frameworks that prioritize issues for action and providing expertise to implement selected programs.

We are also able to provide support in developing reporting mechanisms across industry sectors, from static digital publications to interactive, dynamic solutions.

Conservation, Preservation and Restoration

With the help of our ecology experts, we are able to create custom packages to help our clients manage both the conservation and the preservation and restoration of land associated with their projects or their environmental activism efforts. We are also able to create bespoke reports that take findings from the projects and communicate them in ways that promote the program’s achievements and impact.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is deeply tied to the environment. Studies repeatedly show that the best way to protect the environment is to support local economies through projects that promote skill development, create job opportunities, support schools and health, and build sustainable infrastructure.

We are committed to providing our clients with a full array of options for ensuring their projects in developing areas have a measurably positive impact for local communities, and guiding them through implementation and management.

Local Communities

Big communities and small communities are made up of people. And we measure the legacy of every project and program we realize with our clients by how it affects the community and the people.

Organizations and governments are increasingly demanding to understand every detail of the projects they are developing, or the projects being developed in their communities. The line between “Who is involved?” and “Who is affected” has shifted, and today we understand that we are all stakeholders in the projects unfolding in our communities.

This shift has been driven not only by social safety regulations and international rights-driven activists, but also by the genuine understanding of private sector leaders that “sustainability” and “success” are seamlessly integrated, and that sustainability rests upon a holistic understanding of how the health of our communities and the health of their local environments are fantastically intertwined.

We have the initiative and resources to provide support in understanding community impact across private and public interests, conducting and delivering comprehensive impact assessments that consider social, market, management and stakeholder-based factors.

The product of our work will greatly reduce risks in development by highlighting opportunities to improve community relations—including initiatives to protect the rights of individuals, workers and indigenous peoples—by creating project and program governance that prioritize the preservation of natural resources and ecosystems.

Our skill-sets include:

  • Social due diligence and impact assessment
  • Health impact assessment
  • Compliance assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement and public consultation

Environmental Planning & Permitting

As sustainability-focused policy grows and regulations become more widespread, we help our clients understand and comply with all aspects of environmental permitting. Our expanding list of global projects, success stories, and technical contacts gives us the ability to manage the environmental infrastructure of virtually any project.

We are able to work with our clients to coordinate permitting for any number of social and environmentally related requirements. Without the proper support, these activities have the potential to slow down delivery timelines and pose significant risks for project viability.

Although these considerations are part and parcel with our project engineering services, we are also able to provide support at any number of crucial junctures in the project lifecycle. Serving in a lead or support role during planning workshops, public events and presentations, communications and media campaigns, and even expert witnesses for public hearings are all part of the services we offer our clients.


Natural Resources

There is no longer discussion on the matter. From marine ecosystems to Arctic tundra, engineering is more and more frequently being called upon to devise solutions that will protect the natural processes that sequester carbon, promote biodiversity, strengthen food chains, support local communities, and—in short—make life on our planet possible.

We are able to create programs aimed at managing natural resources, either in conjunction with projects and programs we’re developing with our clients, or bespoke solutions for unique initiatives.

Our expertise covers ecology, coastal and river systems, geotechnics and soil erosion, and developments in natural resource rich environments, such as geothermal beds.

Contaminated Land Management

We are just as eager to prevent land from contamination as we are to manage and remediate contaminated land. Although regulations involving these properties differ from region to region, we work with our clients to understand both the opportunities and liabilities involved in contaminated land remediation and development.

As with many permit and regulation-based issues, risks to delivery timelines are of primary concern to those developing or managing contaminated lands. We can help our clients complete the cycle from due diligence to post-project monitoring, accompanying them through each regulatory phase and action to ensure delivery timelines stay on track.

Our deep expertise in water resource management is of particular value to clients dealing with contaminated lands. We can help our clients understand archived materials and perform new site audits and ground studies that inform risk models and assessments, paving the way for remediation and monitoring plans that can kick-off rebuilding processes for local ecosystems and improve conditions in local communities.

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