Being a global company

Sintecnica is a multidisciplinary contracting and engineering company.

It operates on domestic and international markets and particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and power generation sectors as well as providing solutions for the construction of specialist machinery and plants, for both greenfield and revamping projects.

The name “Sintecnica” comes from ancient Greek “σύν” ”Sýn”;

meaning connection, union, cohesion and completion. Engineering that creates, knowledge that unites: this is Sintecnica’s mission, an alliance and blend of skills applied to large-scale projects.

Sintecnica is a global company

not just because we operate at international level, but because we are the leader of a network of firms whose skillsets and synergetic cooperation means we can provide cutting-edge global services.

Sintecnica upholds universal values;

our engineering and contracting solutions aim to contribute to technological development throughout the world while sustaining humanity’s future. Our overriding values are: respect of life and the environment.

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