Pulp, paper and consumer products

Innovation and development: these are the key words in the strategies of successful firms in the pulp, paper and consumer products sector. Pulp, paper and consumer product companies need to get the best out of existing plants, this may involve replacing or improving what they have, or turning production to goods with a higher return or by recovering and reusing waste from the paper production cycle. Throughout the world clients can count on Sintecnica’s expertise in integrating systems, thanks to our years of experience in the pulp, paper and consumer product sectors where we have designed and built innovative projects for the recovery and reuse of waste.

Sintecnica provides complete engineering services to a very high level, including: process engineering, basic engineering, executive design and the engineering of detail. We offer solutions that include the fundamentals of balancing materials and energy in both individual devices and complex systems, we provide the plans for complete plants, the positioning of equipment, pipe routing and sizing as well as stress analysis for pipes in metal, plastic and composite materials.
Sintecnica has extensive experience in the field of materials engineering.



Sintecnica works alongside its clients from project inception; working on feasibility studies, permitting, the multidisciplinary planning of processes and execution and manufacturing, through to commissioning.

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