International Development

We’re working to help marginalized communities and emerging economies by orienting our work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

And we’re challenging our entire network to do the same.

International Development

We measure our success by the extent to which we build and support the communities of today…and tomorrow.

With our roots in Italy and projects around the world, we understand the duty we have to work for the benefit of families—not just those who make up our internal team, but those of our clients, partners, and the communities where our clients’ projects live.

As an organization with an active interest in the sustainability of the projects we work on, we understand that, ultimately, sustainability requires a global society with capacity and resilience across all critical sectors to support everyone’s basic needs. This includes access to and reliance on good healthcare, basic and advanced education, clean water and sanitation services, functioning economies and infrastructure, renewable energy, natural ecosystems, and universal human rights.

We are opening doors to collaborate across private and public sectors, seeking partnerships that can help us achieve these realities through dedicated programs and initiatives that are not based in economic gain.

If your community has a proposal in line with one of the above objectives, or if your community needs aid aligned with our services, use our contact form to write us and tell us your story.

Capacity Building

As an engineering company, the fastest way we can help a community is to upskill its members in the knowledge and capability we have in-house.

When we train local personnel, we impart a value-set behind that has true positive impact in the community. When we train them in specialized skills for which we have a leading edge, we start building the foundations for that community to compete on a global stage.

We have a track record not only of building capacity in local communities for projects we are developing with our clients, but also increasingly through the use of digital technology to upskill a global workforce. This market-driven approach to capacity building ensures we are providing the rights skills to the right personnel, creating vocational synergies that have positive impact, particularly for marginalized groups living in remote locations and coming from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Most recently, we delivered a series of workshops in Africa aimed at improving local capacity in:

  • Geothermal Power Generation
  • Geotechnics
  • Geomorphology
  • Hydrology
  • Operations and maintenance of power stations
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