Our global community was born in ports. Ships encourage trade and spur growth.

Today, we aim to make our ports models in efficiency and sustainable development—both for the local community and the environment.


With roots near and offices in the major shipping port of Livorno, we understand the services and infrastructure needed to provide world-class port and harbour facilities.

From conceptual design and masterplanning to environmental assessment and detailed engineering, we are capable of building safe and functional ports that minimize risks for all parties.

Ports are gateways between the romance of the open sea and the stable homelife of the hinterlands and beyond. They provide us the transport of goods and raw materials key to life on land, entertainment districts, construction yards, ferries to neighboring communities, educational facilities, and more. Ports are beautiful.

We are able to offer clients a number of services to ensure their ports, public or private, offer stable, sustainable facilities, optimized to manage whatever activities they were intended to support. From coastal engineering to breakwaters and shoreline protection, to docking wharves and other landing sites, to vessel logistics planning, we can engineer, design, and deliver the site, infrastructure, and facilities needed to ensure a successful project.

Our capabilities include:

  • Basic and detailed engineering design
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Conceptual design & feasibility studies
  • Construction supervision
  • Contracts & Procurement
  • Environmental assessment
  • Masterplanning and terminal planning
  • Planning consents and licensing
  • Port and navigational design and logistics

Basic Port Design and Upgrading

From marinas designed for small personal and commercial watercraft, to larger facilities services container ships and cruise lines, we have the ability to improve port design and operations to handle larger volumes and larger vessels.

The shipping industry continues to evolve, and sustainably-minded port authorities must continually consider future expansion and flexibility when considering port lifecycles. Even when port expansion is not strictly necessary, the changing needs of port operators can require feasibility studies to assess the capacity of current structure to support new or enhanced operational practices.

In addition to expanding port capability, port authorities are also increasingly subject to new and evolving environmental standards. Our environmental team can devise and assist in the implementation of environmental management plans and reporting processes to ensure compliance with regulations and protect the local marine and coast environments.

Port Master Planning

Port planning isn’t just about bringing ships to shore…it comprises port transport logistics, road and rail infrastructure, power grids and power generation, buildings, landscape design, environmental concerns and public-private relational dynamics.

As a multi-disciplinary engineering company, we have the expertise to model, design, and develop any number of port configurations, applying our knowledge of infrastructure and buildings to create safe and sustainable environments that add value to local communities.

We are able to provide early-stage consulting services, including both the commercial and technical feasibility of projects, as well as port management and optimization services.

Terminals and Support Solutions

The transfer of goods from ships to ports, and then their transport deeper into the port hinterland and beyond requires a specialized array of mechanical solutions and special machines that ensure the safe and efficient execution of this process.

We can help our clients concept and design reliable transfer systems that ensure the expedient passage of all goods from ship to terminal, from terminal to storage, and form storage to land transport.

Our services can include:

  • Berth design
  • Cranes and loading/unloading devices
  • Drainage and water management
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Equipment procurement and installation
  • Facilities layout and design
  • Storage layouts
  • Security, IT and Automation
  • Utilities infrastructure
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