Press Release: Sintecnica Sponsors Basket Cecina

by | Sep 29, 2021 | News

For the second consecutive year, Sintecnica supports Basket Cecina as Main Sponsor.

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Cecina (LI) | Italy

29 September, 2021: Sintecnica Engineering Srl (“Sintecnica”), an engineering and consulting company founded in Cecina, is honored to announce its return as the “main sponsor” of Basket Cecina’s Serie B team for the 2021-2022 season. The decision serves as confirmation of Sintecnica’s mission to be “community-driven,” seeking to participate in the well-being of local communities by going beyond the immediate “working” relationship with employees, collaborators, supplier, and their families. 

Basket Cecina plays in the Italian Serie B league, Italy’s 3rd highest basketball organization. The league format is unchanged from the previous year, being comprised of 64 teams divided in 4 divisions. Basket Cecina has fielded a Serie B team since 1990, reaching the championship game twice, including in the 2020-2021 season. More than just a professional basketball organization, Basket Cecina offers summer camps, training programs, and supports the organization of leagues for young children. 

“We were proud to support this great organization last year, and we’re even more excited about this season,” says Luca Menini, CEO and President of Sintecnica. “Sintecnica was born in Cecina and we’re working alongside these players and their coaches to take the name of Cecina and Sintecnica to every part of the country. Elio and his team are running a world-class program, as we saw last season in the championship game, and we are confident that Sintecnica’s support will be fundamental in reaching the team’s goals this year.” 

Elio Parietti, President of Basket Cecina, expressed his gratitude to Sintecnica and reaffirmed Basket Cecina’s dedication to competing at the highest level. 

“Although winning championships is an important goal, thanks to the generous support Luca [Menini] and his staff our program helps kids from all over our area join an after-school community where they can form friendships, find mentors, and pass the after-school hours in a safe and constructive environment. These kids look up to our Serie B team. They know how much dedication and sweat went into last season and they know that, while we fell short in the championship game, we learned the lessons needed to continue to improve. We believe this year will be the year we bring home a Serie B championship and earn the chance to play at the next level.” 

Now in its second year as the “main sponsor” of Basket Cecina, Sintecnica is continuing to build upon its legacy of local community involvement. Recent partnerships have included Volley Cecina, programs for the Galileo Galilei high school, and support for students participating in EU-funded science competitions. 


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