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The legal conditions below are more than words.

They are part of the promises we stand by to honor and protect our relationship to you.

Terms of Use

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Privacy and Use of Personal Data

No personal information will be asked of visitors to access the sites. Where this information is requested in order to benefit from specific services, the visitor must explicitly grant his/her consent to process such data pursuant to Italian Law n. 675 of December 31, 1996. Information eventually communicated spontaneously by third parties to the sites may be used freely by Sintecnica S.r.l.

Requests for information or data by site visitors via the e-mail connection may imply the processing of the personal information of the abovementioned site visitors. The granting of such personal data is absolutely optional and, in any case, at the discretion of the person involved.

Sintecnica S.r.l., a company constituted under Italian law, as data processor, will process personal information in conformity with the provisions contained in Italian law n.675 of December 31, 1996.

We would like to specify that the “data processor” of the personal information spontaneously provided via e- mail is Sintecnica S.r.l. as represented by the manager of the Internet site and relative activities.

The person involved may, at any time, exercise his/her rights as guaranteed in the provisions of Art. 13 of Italian Law n. 675 of December 31, 1996 with regards to Sintecnica S.r.l.. by sending an e-mail to or a letter sent by ordinary first-class mail to:

Sintecnica S.r.l.
Via Marcantonio dal Re, 27
20156 Milan
VAT N. 01575000490

Terms of Use

The documentation, images, characters, artwork, graphics, music, software, and other site contents, as well as codes and format scripts used to implement the site, are the property of Sintecnica S.r.l. The material contained in the web site is protected by copyright.

Unless explicitly allowed, it is prohibited to copy, modify, download, transmit, republish, organise displays for redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes, if not with prior permission granted in writing by Sintecnica S.r.l. It is not allowed to use the contents of brand names of the site for any purpose or objective except for that explicitly described herein.

No responsibility is assumed regarding either the contents published on this site and the use that third parties may make of it, whether due to potential contamination deriving from access, interconnection, or downloading of material or software programmes from this site.

Therefore, Sintecnica S.r.l. will not be held liable in any way for damages, losses, or harm of any kind that third parties may suffer due to contact with these sites, or following the use of information or applications found therein.


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