Sintecnica Celebrates New Novara Office

Oct 25, 2021 | Community

On Friday, October 22 Sintecnica inaugurated it’s new Novara offices with a lunch featuring Novara’s world famous gorgonzola cheese!

On October 22, 2021, we officially opened the doors of our newest office, a hybrid office/coworking space in Novara that can host up to fourteen team members or corporate partners. The kickoff event, organized by our Novara-based salesman, Lorenzo Santambrogio, included participants from across our corporate offices, including our President, Luca Menini, and our Admin Manager, Cristina Donati, who both came from Cecina; our commercial director, Luca Xodo, and our BU Expert Staffing Manager, Gianluca Canetto, who both came from Milan; our Human Resources and Marketing & Communications Director, William Thompson; and a group representing SERTEC, our partners for the pharmaceutical sector, including the founders, Ing. Gianoreste Guida and Ing. Ezio Colona, and his daughter, Cecilia.

After introductory remarks by Luca Menini, who welcomed everyone and thanked all involved in organizing the day, attendees enjoyed a lunch of hams and salami, a wide assortment of cheeses (including Novara’s very own and world famous “Gorgonzola!”), gourmet vegetable bowls, bruschetta, and tiramisu for dessert. During the lunch, attendees mingled between the office two floors and the outside patio, chatting in the slightly-warmer-than-usual, beautiful October day.

“We love Novara,” said Luca Menini. “Fabrizio Duratti, who has been instrumental in keeping this unit moving forward during the move from our old office and during the difficulties we’ve all experienced as a society these past 18 months, is really showing us what leadership means. I’m proud of how well this team is working and how seamlessly our brand transfers from larger offices to smaller offices. We’re grateful to everyone on the team who has put their heart into this venture.”

Donati and Menini brought boxes of the company’s new branded notebooks and insulated water bottles as gifts for the staff, a company gesture that was returned by gift boxes of local meats and cheeses organized and distributed by Santambrogio to those who had made longer journeys to be present.

“We work hard in this company,” said Thompson. “When a company finds itself in the growth stage we’re currently in, everyone, everyone has to come with a team mentality. It’s no longer about the individual, we’ve got dreams and objectives and it’ll take a community to get us there. But days like today are really what it’s all about: finding time to slow down, tell stories, and spend quality time together.

In the coming months, Sintecnica is looking forward to our next “new office party” at our new offices in Genova.

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