Sintecnica Celebrates New Office

May 26, 2022

Together with its local clients, including Ansaldo Energia, Fisia Impianti, and ERG, Sintecnica inaugurates its new Genova offices.

Genova, Italy

On May 26, 2026, Sintecnica inaugurated its new Genova office with an “open house brunch” event which saw participation from some of Sintecnica’s local clients, including Ansaldo Energia, Fisia Italimpianti, and ERG. The brunch, organized by Sintecnica Director of Communications, William Thompson, and Genova Admin Manager, Marco Molfino, and catered by the WTC Catering Team, served nearly 50 guests. Attendees from Sintecnica included President, Ing. Luca Menini, and Head of Engineering, Ing. Duccio Montemaggi, both headquartered in the Cecina office; commercial director, Giorgio del Grosso, BU Expert Staffing Manager, Gianluca Canetto, as representatives from the Milan office; Ing. Fabrizio Duratti, head of Novara Office; and Lorenzo Santambrogio and Luca Armani, two prolific Key Account Managers.

The inauguration lasted from 11,00-15,00 and provided a much-needed time for department heads and team members from different offices to spend time together, get to know clients who they often only see on Teams or by e-mail, and enjoy the serenity of the offices and the breathtaking views of Genova’s coast, city and hills.

At 14,00, William Thompson opened the afternoons remarks by drawing attention to the neon sign in the foyer. “When the architects showed us the mockups for the office, the neon sign was already there. What do you want to put? they asked. I spoke with Luca [Menini] and told him I wanted to write Carpe diem, because the sentiment is truly profound and its potential effects all positive, but we decided we needed a different way to communicate the idea as the phrase has become a bit over-used.”

Thompson explained that the words they chose for the sign, “Be here now,” were meant to remind everyone who enters the office that that day, that every moment in that day, are precious. “Be here now means that perspective is so important,” he said, “once you learn to see coming to the office as a chance to be a part of something, and not just a way to provide for your family, you and everyone around you benefits. It’s the idea at the heart of doing truly great things.”

Montemaggi followed Thompson, thanking all attendees for their participation and noting that one of the greatest challenges facing any company that is growing as strongly as Sintecnica is maintaining a sense of integration and building effective teams across multiple offices. “Today is important, but I’ve already seen the desire and actions our people are taking to integrate across cities and regions. We’re here today because we believe that Sintecnica has a life of its own, its not about where you work, it’s about who you’re working with.”

Menini closed the afternoon with a short talk, first thanking Q-Bic and Area Progetti for the wonderful work they performed in realizing the office, and then referring to the office as a “promise kept.”

“We agreed to open this office nearly two years ago,” he said, “and several people here were instrumental in making it a reality. Now,” he continued, indicating the Sintecnica team members, “the promise belongs to you. The office is ready, but it is your responsibility to make this project a reality. “Out there,” Menini emphasized, pointing at the window, “that’s what’s important. We’re here, Sintecnica is here, because our clients trust their work to us. I wish you wonderful days ahead in this beautiful office but keep the focus on what’s outside of it.”


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William Thompson

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