Sintecnica Supports the “Home Team” as Main Sponsor for Basket Cecina

September 29, 2020

In an event attended by noted figures from several realms of Italian sports, Sintecnica announced its support of the premier basketball program in the city of Cecina, where the company has its roots.

Cecina (LI), Italy

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020 representatives from Sintecnica and Basket Cecina came together at the locale Stella Beach to celebrate the kickoff of the 2020-21 season. In pursuit of its mission to be a “community-driven engineering company,” Sintecnica has chosen to act as Basket Cecina’s main sponsor for the Seria B squad, the “rossoblù.”

Based in Milan and with offices in six cities, Sintecnica’s decision to invest in Cecina by sponsoring its premier basketball club is an emphatic confirmation of the company’s dedication to supporting the community of Cecina, where the company has its roots.

“We started this company here and we’re honored to be able to engage in great programs like this,” said Luca Menini, Sintecnica President and CEO. “Sport has always brought us together, and we hope this effort to invigorate Cecina and to support a branch of our community that carries our name throughout the county will do just that.”

Duccio Montemaggi, General Manager of Sintecnica’s Cecina office, applauded the effort. “Our people in the Cecina office understand what this means for the local community. Basket Cecina is more than professional basketball team: they are a bright community using sport as a tool to enrich the lives of young people and provide out-of-the-home support for families. Beyond the lights and the trophies surrounding the main squad, there is a thriving network of kids’ programs and leagues that Basket Cecina makes a reality, year after year.”

Elio Pareti, President of Basket Cecina, emphasized the importance the sponsorship plays in ensuring Cecina is understood as more than just beaches and tourism, especially in light of the global pandemic. “We always play for Cecina, to bring pride to our fellow citizens and the fans of our team, and we play also to bring home as many trophies as possible. This season, however, we play also to remind ourselves how wonderful it is to be together, to watch these young men give their best to win—to win for the “Cecina Basket Family.”

The sponsorship coincided with the revealing of Sintecnica’s new logo, which will appear in vertical format on the front of Basket Cecina’s new jerseys. Eitan Garbawy, Sintecnica’s Business Development Manager, encouraged the team by describing the significance of the logo. “Sintecnica’s logo means you can realize your dreams, whatever they are. If you see a better world—whether it’s a project, a championship, or a career for yourself—you can make it happen. Have a goal, and work to it every day.”

The event, which was live streamed on Basket Cecina’s Facebook page and on the team’s dedicated radio station, Radio 675 and 675 TV, was attended by Cecina mayor, Samuele Lippi; Cecina Sports Chair, Mauro Niccolini; Regional President of Italy’s National Olympic Committee, Gianni Giannone; and Secretary General of Italy’s National Basketball League.


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William Thompson

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