It’s hidden almost everywhere you look. And it should appear and disappear at your command.

The world of water is essential to properly functioning communities.

And we can make it happen.


There is nothing more basic—and more universal—to our communities than water.

As expanding populations and climate change threaten water security, our communities deserve the full effort of both public and private sectors to upgrade ageing infrastructure to increase efficiency and ensure resilient and reliable water resources and management systems for today and for future generations.

There is no substitute for discussion and research. We work with our clients to comprehend the challenges facing their businesses and the needs of their customers. This entails a thorough understanding of partners and supplies involved in the water delivery lifecycle, as well as the specialized skills and processes involved in water production.

Our teams are able to collaborate across public and private sectors to create clear pictures of the challenges and opportunities in every community.

We can work with our clients to surface hidden cost opportunities that can not only extend the life of current assets, but also identify occasion to increase efficiency through the development of new facilities. By sharing commercial and technical expertise with our clients, we are able to plan and deliver water management projects that improve community wellbeing through better coverage and sanitation, while minimizing environmental and social risks.

We understand that the lifecycle of water infrastructure is a balance between the cost of maintaining old facilities and delivering performance to end users. We can help owners and operators realize the maximum value for their investment by reducing risk and prioritizing maintenance expenditure.


The world is two-thirds ocean and 40% of the population live close to the shore.

The importance of the development of cost-effective desalination to supply our communities with water cannot be understated. We are able to offer our clients excellence in the core aspects of desalination projects: feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering design, and construction supervision.

As the cost-based viability of desalination as a primary water production method increases, public and private entities the world over are looking for advanced solutions to ensure sustainable production for their communities.

We can help our clients design and deliver desalination plants either on land or offshore, with production capacities to meet every need. As with virtually every major of engineering firms on the planet, our background in desalination began with thermal process integrated with power production, we are also expanding into reverse osmosis technology and hybrid offerings.

We can work with our clients to ensure their investments are informed by studies of future demand and use cycles, planning for changes in production capacity, blending arrangement, and the end use of water produced.

Water sources and quality, intake type, pre-treatment stages, energy costs and availability, and even plant size are all considerations on which we can provide guidance.

Wastewater Systems & Treatment

It’s a dirty job, but it might be one of the most important ones on the planet.

Wastewater networks and treatment are essential to life on earth. If these networks weren’t managed properly, life as we know it today simply wouldn’t be possible.

Wastewater management is a process for which standard operating models can be found fairly easily. We offer our clients a better understanding of how their processes can be optimized through automated, data-led models that can save both time and cost in wastewater treatment and management. We also offer robust environmental assessment and regulatory and permitting advise and expertise to ensure our clients operations are risk-averse and sustainable.

For wastewater network management, we can offer the following services:

  • Catchment modeling and solutions
  • In-land waterway, coastal impact monitoring
  • Network model assessment (risks and opportunities), verification and improvements
  • Procurement of land access permissions, survey work and data analysis
  • Survey Requirement planning (Access points, CCTV strategy, topographical and flow analyses, impermeable areas)
  • Water quality monitoring

For wastewater treatment, we can provide:

  • Biological treatments
  • Heat recovery and energy generation
  • Odor Management
  • Physical/chemical treatments
  • Site lifecycle management and optimization

Clean Water

No matter the source, clean water networks are some of earth’s most precious resources. We help our clients model and plan key business decisions to ensure that their communities enjoy a reliable and sustainable supply of fresh water.

The efficient use of water assets comes from the thorough understanding of their networks and distribution. We can help our clients create master plans based on feasibility studies to improve or expand existing distribution systems or design new ones.

A common challenge water utility companies face are capacity constraints. We work closely with providers to ensure all opportunities for solutions are surfaced, including possible operational process enhancements—such as automation and control processes—before suggesting any definitive course of action.

Our experts can support clients in the following areas:

  • Impact assessment of new distribution networks on existing infrastructure
  • Logistical considerations for supplying water treatment plants
  • Modeling back-up supply networks to facilitate periodic service to main distribution systems
  • Pipeline and pump demand modeling
  • Sustainability/resilience studies for climate change related considerations
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