Power Generation

All over the world the demand for energy is on the increase.
Large-scale expansion and upgrading schemes are ongoing in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Most of our European clients are trying to reach targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase plant performance in the production of renewable energies as well as distribution and transmission networks.

Sintecnica is the ideal partner in the energy field, for both the private and public sector; from heat recovery to transmission and distribution.
Sintecnica promotes and is part of programmes for the transferal of know-how.

Sintecnica has also acquired extensive experience in the photovoltaic, wind power, biomass and geothermal sectors.

Sintecnica offers a complete range of high-level engineering services: process engineering, basic engineering, executive design and the engineering of detail.



Sintecnica works alongside its clients from the initial stages of feasibility studies. Permitting, the multidisciplinary planning of processes and execution and manufacturing, through to commissioning are all part of the road to success.

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